Saturday, November 20, 2010


Yes, I’m biting off more than I can chew once again, playing three wildly different venues and working madly on three different set lists that will only overlap in certain places, pushing myself and a confused audience to the very limits of their patience.
The Rubin Museum on December 10th will kick off the weekend with a show that highlights the innate spirituality of certain songs, using a backdrop of Buddhist artwork and stories to illuminate our inherent material greed, the fleeting nature of human existence, and probably some uninvited acid flashbacks that may well knock me on my ass halfway through the set. The transience of our time on earth will be thrust into the eerily perfect all acoustic setting of the Rubin via such neglected gems as “The Kid With The Butterfly Net” and “Just Like Hermann Hesse,” not to mention such irreverent beasts like “Museum Of Stupidity.”

The very next day, I’ll be plying my trade at the Towne Crier in Pawling, where you may find yourself sitting in its plush and sophisticated ambiance betwixt a male model and a Quaker, eating obscure pasta dishes and drinking fine wines way into the night. I’ll need to crank up the rock element on this one, but still a few lost gems from the Rubin may come in handy for balance. Opening will be Neal Gomberg. Do not miss him!

And finally on December 12th, with the spiritual flights of gossamer and the elegant bourgeois left far behind, you can find me at the famous Jiggs’, surely the best biker bar in Butler. At least that was my assessment after a long, exhausting and wildly drunken weekend there once, trolling the pubs in the cause of science, trying to find a better one.
Here at Jiggs’ you can hang at the bar on any Sunday afternoon, chatting to some of the most brutal looking blokes you’ve ever seen, who will nonetheless wax nostalgic about their dear old grandmothers, tears forming daintily in their bloodshot eyes, pussy cats, all of them.
Expect a fiercely carnal set, heavy on the Telecaster, probably brimming with the likes of “Tornado Alley” “Lady Doctor” and “Hotel Chambermaid.” Perhaps the ultimate drinking and drugging tune, “Not If It Pleases Me,” will make an appearance.

What a challenge! I’m at work, as we speak, monkeying around with the set lists.
Go to the “Tour Page” for more details.

How many of you can make all three? Anyone who can, please let yourself be known at the CD sales area after the third show and I’ll give you a free…oh, I don’t know…“Christmas Cracker” CD? I give them away anyway. I’ll try to think of something else in the meantime…

The last shows before the holidays. See you there.



2ohgasi said...

without all three venues where would we be, from the sound of the list, it seems like a treat is in store, for the rare songs that are over looked by the buying masses.

tom boylan said...

Hey Graham
Because you love american politics so much and I know Michele Bachmann from Minnesota is one politician you enjoy hearing you go. It looks as though she is here for the long haul.

john said...

Hi Graham - I am from Bristol,England - a fan of old from the mid '70s,following you until recently and catching up with your latest activities now.

By jingo, you stil have "IT" - that essntial core of rockn'roll and soul and oh so great songs.

Stella M. said...

for Graham--- We're doing a benefit for the former keyboardist for the Jukes..Kevin Kavanaugh---in a coma--
for his medical expenses and care...
May 1 at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park... would you consider coming down to play? we would consider it an honor to have you and I am sure you remember Kevin...hat/shades/piano---
if interested, please call...thank you for considering--- Lee/dj from the Pony 848-299-6456.

Ricky said...

I am an ex Gurkha Army Officer, from south london, but I melt before your music.
My one wish in life is to meet you before I go.
We are planning a trip to the Styates solely to see you.
You are my hero
thanks for your music - it has kept me going through thick and thin


Duc Tien said...
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