Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunglass(es) The Graham Parker Show - Episode One


pinglis said...

Great one GP. You don't need those overrated rockstars on YOUR show.

Love "Weather Report" - an excellent track. Oh and the part of the show with skiing was a hoot. I cackled like a madman (well, more than I usually do).

Paul Inglis

Blue Bottazzi said...

If you understand Italian, we have part 1 of a piece on Graham Parker on BB BEAT.

pourmecoffee said...

Thanks for all the great music, and keeping in touch here. "Kid With The Butterfly Net" still one of my favorite songs ever.

Anonymous said...

This is really cool. I would love to see more of this, GP. Great fan service. I was starting to get sick of music till i saw you on youtube. I keep coming back to your stuff no matter what new music I've been listening to.


howard in nyc said...

hey man
i am digging the web productions you and jimmy are creating, tex skirball and this gem.

great show in beautiful downtown teaneck, nj the other night. the young figgs are as tight as ever backing you.

Geoff said...

Dear Graham,
It's great to see you still have that cutting British sense of humour. It would be a real treat if you were able to make it over to Olde Blighty for a few gigs sometime. You're music and thoughts are always an inspiration.
Best wishes
A diehard fan from the rumour era.

Beki Brindle-Scala said...

Glad I found this great show of yours, Graham! .. bless you......Cable TV is wretched! I can't believe I missed this.. a year ago??? I'm going to surf for more "Sunglass(es) episodes! this is great!!!!
Beki (ex-Woodstock "person?" .. moved closer to the city .. oh well)